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AM Without Making a Mesh?

AM still suffers from at least one technological barrier: a vicious cycle of increasing design complexity, ballooning file size, and slowing output. However, a forthcoming development promises to eliminate this bottleneck, and it is expected to be adopted as an AM industry standard.

Be Green: 'Revert' to Scrap

If the additive manufacturing (AM) industry wants to improve its commercial and environmental sustainability, changing how we think of scrap—indeed refuting the whole concept—is something that we must embrace.

Automation Elevates 3D Printing to Production Floor

In a sign that 3D printing continues to march toward the production floor and isn’t just for small batches and prototypes, Boston-based Formlabs Inc. recently unveiled an automation system for its stereolithography resin printers.

AMUG Presents DINO Awards

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) presented its DINO (Distinguished INnovator Operator) Award for additive manufacturing expertise and service to ten individuals.

Printing People Parts

Replacement knees, hips, and other joints are just the beginning for 3D printing.