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Setting Students Up for Success

Jim Schlusemann's lifelong dedication to vocational training and manufacturing, showcased at SkillsUSA's National Leadership & Skills Conference, underscores the imperative of engaging and mentoring the next generation to shape the future of the industry.

Machine Learning for Machine Tools

Explore the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and manufacturing, from generative design to AI-controlled production, process optimization, and predictive maintenance, highlighting the revolutionary potential and challenges of integrating AI into various manufacturing processes.

Bio Buildings, Printed Pavilions

Researchers at ORNL and the University of Maine receive the Aubin Case Study Award for addressing the low-income housing crisis by printing affordable, earth-friendly homes.

Tool Tales

Mantle Inc. takes home the prize with its patented TrueShape process. If the company and its employees have anything to say about it, toolmaking will never be the same.