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“Speed and accuracy were always a contradiction for us before we installed the new generation of ZEISS PRISMO fortis,” says Roland Ziltener, head of quality management, Starrag Group.

Taking Quality Assurance to New Heights

September 7, 2023
Experience the future of precision aerospace manufacturing as Starrag partners with Zeiss to revolutionize accuracy and efficiency.
By Starrag Group Contributed Article
The Laser Next 2141 has the largest working volume on the market, according to Prima Power.

Going Big on 3D Fiber Laser: A Perfect Fit for Heavy-Gauge Metal Spinner

August 9, 2023
Going Big on 3D Fiber Laser: Glenn Metalcraft Boosts Efficiency and Capacity with Prima Power's Laser Next 2141
By Glenn Metalcraft Contributed Article
Laser cutting of a cross beam with the TruLaser Cell 8030 from Trumpf.

Leading with Light

July 26, 2023
Revolutionizing Manufacturing: How Laser Pioneers and Automation Are Transforming the Industry
Kip Hanson
By Kip Hanson Contributing Editor, SME Media
Manufacturing worker sitting at computer

Accurate Data Capture for Welding Process Reporting to the Military

June 21, 2023
Laser scanning offers a controlled process that gives manufacturers the edge when vying for military contracts
Michael Bell
By Michael Bell Director of Sales, Pemamek North America
Two new BLM GROUP LT7 4-kW laser-cutting systems will replace the company’s existing 1- and 3-kW equipment, helping to standardize laser-cutting operations, while increasing production output and flexibility.

Staying Sharpe with Laser-Focused Technology

April 21, 2023
New Berlin, Wis.-based Sharpe Fabrication Inc. has the right technology to keep pace with the speed of customer requirements.
By Sharpe Products and BLM Group Contributed Article
DET founders Dr. Tingji “TJ” Tang and Ken Havlinek.

3D Printing Expands Possibilities for Renewable Energy

February 14, 2023
Houston-based DET develops innovative packer system that regulates flow of heat and steam in geothermal wells
By David Giebenhain 3D-Printing Product Director, Protolabs
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